Supercalafragilisticexpealodocious does not make a good safeword…


From a very early age the concept of safety and being safe is drilled repeatedly into each of us. From the habitual behaviors associated with the yearly fire drills and bus safety presentation to the root metaphors underlying a simple game of Red-light Green-light. As we mature, the ability to effectively communicate, through myriad means, our desires to move or stop, be touched or left alone, tickled or soothed, supported or challenged becomes integral to all our relationships—even our survival.

Complex multisyllabic messages so often just don’t meet the challenge. Thank god for bedroom eyes, “Out to Lunch” signs and the few remaining individuals who continue to be able to explain the most complex of systems in a few, well chosen and useful terms.

You are all greatly appreciated by those with whom you share.
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