Designed by teachers.  Designed to teach. is the consumer portal for the TOGO Media sales network. It is the first-ever gateway to offer parents, schools and teachers the opportunity to directly purchase, recommend, build and share custom lists from a universe of educational media and content, far outstripping the existing, antiquated, paper-based “book club” paradigm.

Vastly expanding the quantity and type of content available, and empowering the educational community to take the lead in its selection, TOGO significantly expands and increases content providers’ sales while, at the same time, helps schools more effectively interconnect teachers and parents, allowing them to better support their children’s education.

By expanding and diversifying the content available to schools, while simultaneously giving educators direct control over its selection and recommendation, TOGO’s network becomes a powerful new distribution channel that will tap this market, generating completely new and previously unavailable sales opportunities for providers.

While you will probably never set foot inside its doors, if you have school-age children, it is very likely the project will eventually find its way through yours.

Teachers have told us about the need for this resource. They are excited to participate and see their teaching recommendations extended beyond the classroom plus every order placed results in credits for the teacher. The teacher can use these credits to purchase any resource in the network or they can even create a donation for their favorite charity or organization.
Schools and organizations have also welcomed this approach.

Parents are eager to have an alternative to the existing book club model that will give them (and even other family members) the opportunity to support their child’s education.