Below is some of the acclaim TOGO Media and its founder, Mark Strauss, have received.
“Mark Strauss has a very clear and genuine passion for improving lives through education. While in early development of a multifaceted educational program I conferred with Mark and found his creativity in business strategy and educational market positioning unsurpassed. His solid recommendations have been both exceptional and appreciated. With his deft communication skills and great knowledge of the industry, it is an honor and pleasure to continue working with him.”

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Nancy O'Mallon
Hired Mark Strauss as a Business Consultant
“I want to congratulate you on achieving, in spectacular fashion, the first part of your vision—the launch to the world of! I am constantly amazed by your level of polish and quality you bring to every aspect of the project. I admire you in many respects and am proud to have been a part of your team.”

Richard Vinchesi
Reported to Mark Strauss at TOGO Media, LLC
" is a innovative way to connect schools to publishers. This is where the future is going. Six hours a day, on average, is spent by our youth on media devices. If we are to engage our youth in learning, we need the program created by Keep up the good work. We are excited about what this will do to increase commerce between schools and publishers and directly with the parents. This is huge."

Juliet Wills, VP Sales Galaxy Press
“We at Lerner Publishing Group are excited to be working with TOGO Media on their innovative approach to providing physical and digital books to millions of teachers, parents, and students. Reaching households directly has always been elusive to us and we look forward to partnering with TOGO Media to build that business. Based on TOGO-Media's professionalism, expertise in the market and creativity, we have every reason to believe that together we will be very successful.”

David Wexler, Executive Vice President, Sales
Lerner Publishing Group
"In this era of declining retail sales, publishers are increasingly interested in finding new ways of reaching the end consumer, with whom they currently have no direct contact. Though Publishers sell through the schools thanks to Scholastic Clubs and Fairs, they have very little control over how many of their books are taken by Scholastic. Additionally, their exposure is limited to the one time a month the Club flyer is sent home with the child or the 2 times a year the school hosts a Book Fair.

The retail model is imperfect. It's hard to break through the clutter. And it ignores the fundamental way people find books which is through recommendations. And as a parent, who do you trust more with recommending books to your child than their teacher?

This is what is brilliant about School To Go. It harnesses the power of the teacher to get parents to buy reading materials for their kids all year round and offers the convenience of having their purchases delivered to their door.

School To Go will allow publishers to finally sell direct to home without having to worry about onesy-twosey pick and packing. And the recommendation from the teacher will remove any aura of brazen marketing that makes selling direct so distasteful.

The publishing world has long been waiting to see someone take on Scholastic. School To Go might just be its knight in shining armor."

Corinne Helman, VP of Digital Publishing and Business Development
HarperCollins Children