Whatever Happened to Snack Anyway?

What happened to snack?

I can remember looking forward to snack time in elementary school. So clear, in fact, is my recollection that just the hint of certain childhood staples gently wafting over the wall of a neighbor's cube quickly bring me back to that good place. These days, even a single flavor-blasted fishy evokes a positive physiological response. I live in fear of a chance odoriferous encounter with a cream-filled Hostess cupcake.

Growing up, however, snack time seemed to disappear. Whatever happened to snack anyway? Are its benefits diminished by some underlying function of diminishing returns or age or activity? Or, have we forgone this wonderful ritual in some perverted effort to clawback time from its dedicated schedule?

I probably wouldn't have given snack another thought had I not been, as an adult, visiting my great uncle when a nurse walked in and said, "Snack time!" A drop of drool nearly escaped my mouth as my salivary glands quite suddenly and uncontrollably interfered with my ability to speak or even open my mouth.

We begin and end our lives with snack. Why does it disappear? Where does it go? Why aren't we more upset when we lose it?

Please reach down, grab the muffin tapped to the bottom of your seat and enjoy some snack as we take a brief look at life and death, and a considerably longer look at when you just may want to offer snack—or some creative metaphysical manifestation of such substance for the soul—to the people you lead and with whom you work.

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